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Are you a disabled Texan who can no longer work, or has the Social Security Administration (SSA) denied you Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Benefits (SSDI/SSI)? If so, please contact Skaar Law for a free consultation with Texas Social Security Disability Attorney Daniel A Skaar. Skaar Law will call you at the time of your choosing to discuss your disability and determine if you have a viable claim for Social Security Disability

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At Skaar Law, we understand the devastating impact a denied claim for social security can have, not just on the individual, but also on their family members. Each denial is typically both shocking and humiliating, because of the typical tremendous work history of the individual, coupled with their current inability to continue to work, resulting in the desperate need for income and insurance benefits because of the individual’s inability to continue to work and provide monetarily for themselves or their families.

However, if you have looked through our frequently asked questions, you found that you are far from alone, as a majority of initial claims are denied, and in the vast majority of these denials the Social Security Administration decided the case based on only a fraction of the available medical evidence and without any input whatsoever from treating medical sources.

Further, if you are unable to ensure that the Administration obtains missing evidence and/or reaches out to your treating sources for an opinion of your ability to sustain any type of full time employment, you will almost certainly be denied again on appeal, because the Administration is severely under staffed and makes very little effort making follow up requests for evidence and never requests opinion evidence from your treating providers. Realistically, your only recourse to appeal again, and face a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ”), who is paid by the Administration to decide your case. ALJ’s make no effort to obtain any missing evidence or obtain any new evidence or medical opinions prior to your hearing.

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When Daniel Skaar opened Skaar Law in 2007 he was determined to keep his practice small in order to keep the “personal touch,” when it came to providing client services. The firm has always consisted of only two attorneys and two extremely qualified paralegals, with over 50 years of combined experience dealing with Texas Social Security Disability. Whether you are merely considering filing for disability, filed for disability, need assistance with a hearing or appeal; or just want to speak to a law firm that can answer any questions about any aspect of the quagmire of the Social Security Disability process – please give us a call and we will make sure all your questions are fully answered, whether or not you chose Skaar Law to represent you, and will ensure that you are fully informed of your rights under Social Security Disability law.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

At Skaar Law, because we understand the short comings of the Social Security Disability Process, we ensure every piece of available medical evidence is provided to the Social Security personnel that decides your claim and we work directly with you and your treating medical providers to obtain medical opinions that translate how your physical and mental health impairments limit your physical and mental abilities to perform work related functioning, as well as your ability to sustain this functioning in any type of full time work environment. This type of evidence is crucial in obtaining your disability benefits.


ALJ Hearings

If your claim requires an ALJ hearing (as most do), Skaar Law may be the only firm in Texas that authors a brief that is submitted to the ALJ prior to the hearing in every case, which specifically cites to every important piece of evidence in your file to prove your disabling limitations. Further, we understand the short comings of the Vocational Expert Witnesses (“VE’s”), which the Administration pays to testify at your Administrative hearing, and provide expert cross examination of the VE, who consistently rely on outdated jobs descriptions and job numbers, proving that the jobs cited either no longer exist, or are not performable by you, given your physical and/or mental work related limitations. We prove that VE testimony is unreliable and cannot be relied on in finding you not disabled.




Appeals Council and Federal Appeals

If you are denied by the ALJ, you are far from being out of options. You have the right to appeal your denial to the last Administration option, known as the “Appeals Council.” However, claims are very rarely granted at this level, although we are often able to gain a “remand,” which is another hearing before an ALJ, based on the legal errors we outline in the brief we provide for every Appeals Council review. If you are denied by the Appeals Council, you gain the standing to appeal your claim to the Federal District Court with jurisdiction based on your county of residence. Skaar Law is one of a very small number of Social Security Disability law firms that handle Federal District Court appeals in every county in the State of Texas. Our attorneys have filed Federal Appeals with nearly every Federal Judge in the state of Texas, and have a sterling reputation with all of the appointed Judges.

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Dwayne Dalton
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Very pleased with the service I received from Mr. Skaar and his staff. Helpful every step of the way and he was able to get my disability approved very quickly. Couldn't recommend anyone better in the DFW area!
Newt Holloway
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I'm blessed and grateful to have found Daniel and his team. They were responsive, generous with their time and worked very hard on my case.
Mark Beaty
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Dan & Melva were great to work with. They kept us informed during each step of the process.
Jason Walker
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HW Liberty Miracle
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Joy Russell
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Ashley Schimitzer
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