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Legal Information

Use of Personal Information

The personal information of the users is collected as per the privacy policy and, as mentioned earlier, will not be used by any third party or individual not working at the firm. The data collected from the site is used for the below-listed purposes.

To provide our platform – 

To facilitate our user’s free case evaluation and help determine the scope of the legal assistance required.

For direct marketing –

Skaar Law may use users’ personal information for direct marketing purposes. This may include sending newsletters, legal updates, event information, and any other market communication that we believe might be beneficial to the platform user.

For Research and Development –

Skaar Law might use the collected personal data for the purpose of understanding how visitors are using the site. This might include analyzing statistics, preferences, and trends to make better use of the site and provide better service to our users. The data collection will also help us develop new features and improve our site’s functionality. Any personal information is removed in case any outside website development party is hired to work on the platform. We place extra emphasis on protecting our users’ data as it is our priority.

Legal information –

The information contained on the web site is general legal information and should not be construed as legal advice to be applied to a specific disability situation. We attempt to update the materials on our web site to reflect new laws or legal information available to the public, but online readers should not act on this information without seeking professional counsel, as we do not warranty that the information posted is current. Reading the information at this web site or filing out a contact form does not form an attorney-client relationship.

Privacy policy –

Any information posted on the contact form will not be sold or disclosed to any outside persons or entities. The information will be used only to contact the individual and for attorney-client matters if the individual retains Skaar Law’s legal services.

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